Call of Dragons : Know the Best Characters to Use Early On

Fans of Rise of Kingdom eager for information about Call of Dragons should visit this webpage: before March 28, 2023. The website gives a colorful rundown of the best heroes that you can use in a massive strategy video game. Farlight Games’ new epic adventure places players in an amazing realistic terrain that also serves as a battleground for survival.

The artistically rendered 3D characters whom eager players will put into field positions, to either defend their stronghold or to attack enemies, will determine who gets the upper hand while still in the early stages of the game. All that each and every player has to do is to find out who among the Call of Dragons heroes are the most powerful and have greater capabilities to defend them against marauders.

Some of the Most Useful Call of Dragons Heroes to Have Early in the Game

Call of Dragons is definitely engaging and immersive as there are numerous heroes who can enrich the gaming experience of players as they make progress. The character does not have to be an epic hero, a man fated to achieve greatness as his destiny, regardless of developments. What’s important is that they are the most use-worthy characters who can do and withstand damages during attacks, especially if still building one’s stronghold and in protecting the village.

Kregg – It would be wise to take Kregg early on. Fortunately, he is also an epic hero who can deal a lot of damage and can be paired off with any heroes if used in a range of units.

Madeline is the best infantry hero to have because she can also absorb damage at extreme levels, while inflicting powerful counter-attack blows to all nearby enemies. Even a pay-to-win player will increase his chances of survival to have Madeline in the infantry.

Bakshi Beef up one’s cavalry by using Bakshi, the most powerful Call of Dragons cavalry commander. In addition to his powerful nuking ability, he has a high level of survivability. Although Bakshi’s skills can be maxed out to attain 30% HP, Bakshi is also useful as a peacekeeping cavalry commander.

Emrys is another outstanding cavalry commander especially when in use in a combination of cavalry units. He is quick to mobilize troops to hunt and destroy all enemy range units in sight, like archers and mages. Like Bakshi, Emrys also has the ability to inflict high nuking damage.

Waldyr is highly recognized as an extremely strong mage epic hero. He is equipped with the ability to deal massive Area of Effect (AOE) damages. Awesome even is that maxing him out early in the game, can buff him up with the ability to deal more damaging blows.

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