An exhibition of around thirty pictures taken with, within the framework of the ” #SDBX on 2013 “!

Instagram or how a simple smartphone, a simple application, a simple glance can make of each of us an artist in power 2.0!

Thanks to this application, real platform of sharing, it is now possible to admire shots and creativity of thousand unknowns in every corner of the World.

Node wanted to go even further by organizing an  Instagram contest which will allow 30 lucky ones to have their best photo displayed on our walls!

The exhibition will take place in March, 2013, a date which was not chosen at random because it is also the period during which Bordeaux will welcome its 3rd Digital Week.

To participate, wherever you are in the World, just complete the form and send your two most beautiful pictures related to the theme Word Wine and Web to (object: ” registration Concours WWW “).

The competition is opened until January 30th, 2013 (midnight).

Then we shall empanel an independent jury grouping professionals of the digital technology, professionals of the digital week and professionals of the wine (yes, wine and Bordeaux are undoubtedly inseparable) but especially people who did not participate in the competition. This jury will have to choose the 30 most beautiful instagrams.

We shall make a first presentation of these pictures on February 21st during the evening Word Wine and Web which will take place in the CIVB of Bordeaux with about sixty happy fews (bloggers, twittos,wine professionals ). This event will also be on-line : the goal is to have as much interaction as possible through Twitter, the central theme being wine: discovery of the wine in the family, your biggest headache after a sprayed evening, your favourite wines, your experiments with foreign wines etc.

The selected photos will then be printed on canvas thanks to our partner and displayed in March in the Node until the digital week.

During the exhibition, the visitors will be the ones voting for THE photo which calls out to them, which exhilarates them, which moves them, which puts them in trance, in brief, for THE instagram for them.

At the end of March we will reveal the identity of the winner which will have the opportunity to display a selection of its own instagrams in the Node.

Let’s be all creative thanks to Instagram, let us be all 2.0 artists !



- Send your photos using the same e-mail address registered in yout form. In the opposite case, sign your e-mail with your name and your first name so that we can make the link between your photos and the e-mail address on the form.

- Remember to name your e-mail (“registration Concours WWW “).

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